Data Recovery

Have you ever had photo’s on a computer or camera that crashed broken or the drive reads corrupted. Photo’s of friends family special events things you would love to remember forever but can’t retrieve the information from the device.  I no I have, stuff the camera in a drawer and forgot about it, but now there is a solution that recovers data files for all types of media with Magic Photo Recovery that will give you a full previews of the image recovered. To read more about this amazing product please click the link below and the link will open in new widow.

Magic Data Recovery.

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Working late with and not by  your choice,  the project your working on is due in a few hours when the power goes out. The delays , rebooting your machine you find out all the work you have done was not there anymore you know you saved your work but you can’t seem to find the files. What would you do after freaking out and having a tantrum of course.

External Drives


There is lots of information out there on data recovery and I would like to show you Five of My top picks.


  1. Best data Recovery Software.
  2. Recover PC Data.
  3. Acute Tools Photo & Data Recovery.
  4.  Ospeedy Software.
  5.  1-Click Fix utility: Fix any computer problem.