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For starters I will go over some of the basic marketing terms.

Domain name, the name of your website or business could be anything, I recommend that you pick one that co-insides with your business or website content. The website you have made could be the best way to wash your car so, the domain name you would pick would be something like car care.

Hosting is the address where you website will be stored many hosting services offer different packages for using their service chose the one that best fits your needs.

If you are just getting started it might be best if you set up a blog first.

1. It will give you the basic tools you will need.

2. very user-friendly.

3. The top reason its free.

4. Free web address.

5. Free hosting.

Social data that is received by Bing and Google via Facebook or Twitter on how many times something is “re-tweeted” on Twitter or “liked” on Facebook. In short there are a lot of terms in internet marketing the key is to understand them so here are a few to help you.

affiliate marketing – revenue sharing between online advertisers/merchants and online publishers/salespeople, whereby compensation is based on performance measures, typically in the form of sales, clicks, registrations, or a hybrid model.

call to action (CTA) – the part of a marketing message that attempts to persuade a person to perform a desired action.

conversion rate – the percentage of visitors who take a desired action.

Google Checkout – an online payment system powered by Google, where users save their credit card information in their Google account so they can quickly perform online purchases in participating sites.

PayPal – an online payment service that lets its users make purchases and receive payments via a user-defined email address.

shopping cart – software used to make a site’s product catalog available for online ordering, whereby visitors may select, view, add/delete, and purchase merchandise.

The next topic is to better understand how the rank system could work for you.

Now that you have a website or blog there are some factors that you will need to keep in mind.

1. The type of text you use for your site will be rank, text that is easy to read is better than the flashy text it looks good but could affect your rankings.

2. The key words or key phrases should be placed every 500 words in your content.

3. Do not duplicate others content all it takes is some editing about 25% would be fair but 50% better like writing a book report and you have your out line of all the key factors now run with it to make yours original.

4. This one helps and that is do your research on your key words  your key word is for  would be typed in your search with “between the keyword searched the   ” will limit the number of searches to your Reagan. Know that you have pulled up  a list of all the searches for that key word if it is a mil for say that would be a very hard market to get good ranking in instead go for one that has 1k start small to build momentum to achieve a good passion but still max out on all your key words.

Next topic email in a can SPAM How to find them and keep them at bay.

The email spammers they just keep sending email after email. The ones you need to read get mixed up with the ones that you really might not remember or just don’t know how they got there. The key to email is just say NO! If you keep jumping into program after program you will never find the email needed. The big problem is you can only read but so many emails. The second thing is to just UN-subscribe that option is there for you and it only takes a minute. Some deals are the same just worded differently the links will all end up on the same page. One of the best tricks to go through lots of unknown emails is to change your website security settings. This little trick will block all the websites with false information or auto download script. Look out for worded email such as this is your last chance, from account administrator ,your website is up and running, you can’t afford to miss this, your login information and so on just say no and organize your email to better you business. Auto response play a big part in blocking unwanted emails.

Marketing on the web today!

The web today is a vast network of information that can touch any user on the planet, with this known the way you would market your business is not like the way you could have done it ten years ago. Social media has taken the web by storm where views on any given subject with feed back on some of the most commend questions. How to build a website? what is a plugin and how does it work? How to get visits to my website or blog?, all these question and answers can be found on some the social network you visit today such as LinkedIn. This professional network has a lots of information on all types of marketing, website building, website management and lots more.

The overall marketing plain!

You have a website or if you have just affiliate and even a blog you can reach out and post your site in a way to gain lots of visits through different types of marketing but most important is to do the research. Google has tools for webmasters that will help any marketer. You can check the best key words or phrases to use traffic associated with said phases and words, what the  competition is raking for the terms used to promote there business are some of the web master tools that google has for use.  The web master knows that Google is the best search engines out there  but, not the only one. Take a look at the top search engines based on there rank of views.

  1. Google .com

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